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About The Project

Webcomics are one of the greatest things ever to happen to the Internet. Artists putting their work on the web, for free viewing by all - it's a comic fan's dream. But there's a problem: when your strip has been going for a while, you accumulate a huge archive of strips. Most of the time, the only way to search through these is by date or by plotline.

And that's where we come in.

While the initial codebase for this project is geared towards Maritza Campos's College Roomies From Hell!!!, a bit of tweaking will eaily let our code be used for any number of webcomics or other projects. And with a plaintext file format that can be typed by anyone without tools or HTML knowledge, it's easy to search.

It's free and it's fun. Why not download or help us out?

Latest Project News

The First Three Years datafile! Plus a new CRFHArchive...
    tdscott - 2002-01-06 11:05
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New datafile / CRFHSearch released
    tdscott - 2001-12-06 10:22
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Yes, we're still alive...
    tdscott - 2001-11-11 04:48
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CRFH Web Search 1.0 released!
    tdscott - 2001-10-31 12:08
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Yet Another New Site Design
    tdscott - 2001-10-30 06:42
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Alfedenzo's CRFHSearch 1.0 released!
    tdscott - 2001-10-29 02:13
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